Sun opens Java

Today, Sun Microsystems, Inc. has released key Java implementations under the GNU General Public License (GPL). It wouldn’t be true to say I was always confident, that this was going to happen eventually. But now it did happen indeed. It’s the right move by Sun. Beside many other points, it makes sure that the .NET platform will always have viable competition.

Someone might ask: why does it make such a big difference to have most of Java under the GPL? To find the answer, you have to understand what the GPL is, what it gives you, and what you can do with it. What its intent is. What Richard Stallman wanted.


Hello World!

I’ve set up a blog with WordPress to write and get feedback about the development for the new home of the enterprise web application framework synformation. synformation is an adaptable, secure and 100% Java based web application development framework. The new web site will be developed entirely with synformation. The blog functionality will be modeled after WordPress. Here is a random screenshot (I just wanted to include an image):

Image of new site

Although synformation and the related technology will be the main focus, I’ll write about other things I’m interested in, too.