My name is Thomas Weitzel and this is my blog. I’m an independent software consultant. During the last years, I’ve developed and maintained an enterprise web application framework based on the Java platform. So that is where I’m best at: helping companies and individuals to design and build applications for the internet. If you want to hire me for a project, please contact me via email.

Your host Thomas Weitzel

And synformation?

Synformation is the name of my web application framework. It’s written in Java, uses a database as a backend, and builds all pages dynamically. It can run in distributed environments and supports staging, which means that you can export and import parts or all of one synformation instance to a different one. Read more about synformation here.

The purpose of this blog

Since I started working as an independent software consultant, synformation never had a homepage built with synformation. There simply was not enough time to do it. Although time for such a project was limited, I decided that I had to find some time for it. But it didn’t work out that way.

Instead, I spend the time on improving and partly redesigning synformation by using some open source projects that go well with synformation. So, this blog documents some of my experiences with software technologies. For running this blog, I decided to use a tool that does this well.