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All posts that have something to do with the synformation enterprise content management system developed by me and others

Integrating Tomcat and Apache on Mint Linux

How to install and integrate Apache Web Server and Tomcat Servlet Container on Linux Mint 17 Cinnamon with the Apache proxy module.

Problem with Oracle

While operating synformation together with an Oracle database (prior to version 10g), the following error can occur during page compilation: FATAL ERROR IN TWO-TASK SERVER: error = 12571 ksedmp: internal or fatal error This error is logged by Oracle in the user dump trace files. After this error has occurred, no more pages can be […]

If something goes wrong

When you build a software system, something can go wrong. You have to plan for that. It can be a programming error, an operator error, or a situation you haven’t planned for. I’m pretty sure you have seen web pages giving you cryptic error messages, thus indicating that something went wrong. In many cases, the […]

JavaWorld: Dynamic Webpages with JSON

There’s an interesting article on how to overcome the same origin policy used by modern web browsers. It’s a security policy that prevents JavaScript from accessing a location different from the one it was loaded from. Same location normally means same protocol, subdomain, and domain. The same origin policy is sometimes called same site policy. […]

New GWT Release 1.2.22

The Google Web Toolkit has a new stable release. You can read all about it here. It will be used for the new synformation web site, too. I’ve started to use GWT since version 1.0 came out (August 25, 2006). It was easy to use and since I’m not very good at JavaScript programming, leave […]