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Virtual Private Network (VPN) as a safety belt

While my daughter was working on a school project, she was looking for a fully searchable text of “Animal Farm” from George Orwell and found it on the Australian web site Project Gutenberg Australia. The offer was legal, but had she downloaded the text, she would have committed a serious crime, a copyright violation. Two […]

Geometry for kids

One of our girls visits the 7th grade (13 years, secondary school) right now. In geometry, they are talking about the congruence rules for triangles and triangles in general. Yesterday’s homework included a geometrical problem: construct the space diagonal of a cube geometrically and specify its length (side length of the cube is 5.3cm). While […]

A night at Frankfurt airport

Yesterday, I received a phone call from someone who asked me to meet aircraft N279WA in Frankfurt on a cargo mission. It came from Chicago and went back to Atlanta. This aircraft has been converted to a cargo plane only recently. And it has a new livery now.

iPod in the car

For our family car, a 2006 Mercedes-Benz C-class station wagon, I wanted to be able to connect a MP3 player to the car audio system. We have an iPod and the girls have some other MP3 players as well. Although the CD player in the car can play MP3 CDs, it doesn’t always work. It […]