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It has been a while since I played Forza Motorsport 3 the last time. Today, I visited the Online Forums there and recognized that with the exception of ForzaTune for the iOS platform and ForzaDroid for Android, there are no other suspension calculators for all the other mobile devices. Some have asked to find out if there’s demand, but nobody has actually implemented one.

Since I don’t have the time nor any motivation to port ForzaDroid to another platform, I will not do it either. But I’ve already implemented ForzaDroid for the Android platform, and everything I need for a web application is there. So I spend a couple of hours and made a web application that’s optimized for smartphones. It should run at least on the following platforms/browsers without a problem: Safari, Android, Symbian/S60, Nokia Series 40, webOS, BlackBerry (3.8+), NetFront, Motorola Internet Browser, Opera Mobile. You need to have JavaScript enabled.

Click on the image to start the ForzaDroid for mobile application:

Screenshot of ForzaDroid for mobile devices

It has exactly the same functionality as ForzaDroid for Android, supports the English and German language, and is free. If you like to have the user interface in another language, fine: just send me the translated resource file. Translate only the right side — right of the equal sign. I’ll add the language to the application as soon as my time permits.

Here are a few technical details on how it was done: the actual calculations were implemented in Java for ForzaDroid. I reused these Java classes with the help of the Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and just rebuilt the user interface. The actual calculations are not made on the server, but on the client side, which is your web browser. So once the application is loaded into your browser window, you’ll see no more requests to the server — all runs on your phone now.

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