ForzaDroid, Forza Motorsport 3 suspension calculator for Android

When Turn 10 offered Forza Motorsport 2, I bought an XBOX360 just to play this game. And I didn’t regret it. During more than two years I played approximately 3.000 games online, most of them in the public lobby system that Forza Motorsport had. I’m not a good racer, but I improved over time. I primarily try to have fun while racing clean.

Screen from the Android application ForzaDroid

During the first month of Forza Motorsport 2 online gaming, one of my new online friends I met in the public lobbies tuned one of my cars for me. Wow, what a difference that was compared to the not tuned car. It handled much better and was faster, too. Armed with the knowledge that tuned cars can have better handling and can be faster, I tried tuning some of my other cars myself. Hmm, was much more difficult than I had thought. Most of it was trial and error, and I got tired fast.

But I really wanted my cars to be and behave better. So I turned to the theory necessary to understand what was needed to be successful with that. It was complicated, and although I understood the interaction of the various settings better, the quality of the results was only slightly better than before.

And then, I found FEUERDOGs suspension calculator for Forza Motorsport 2. The settings it produced were much better than those of my own efforts. And to be honest, I wanted to race. You have to like tuning in order to like it – haha! It’s not my thing. But by trying to tune cars in Forza Motorsport 2 myself, I got a glimpse of what it means to become a successful tuner.

Then came Forza Motorsport 3, and I was eager to get it. I used the same tuning calculator for the new version of the game, and it still produced better tuning setups than I was able to come up with myself. FEUERDOG started working on a version for Forza Motorsport 3 and eventually he released it to the public.

I have no idea how many hours FEUERDOG spent to create the tuning calculators he did create. He might have spend more hours on it than I was spending on racing. Maybe he had as much fun doing the tuning calculator as I had during racing. But his work alone made it much more fun for me.

So today, I’m releasing ForzaDroid, the implementation of FEUERDOGs tuning calculator FM3-December Update-4 as an Android application on the Android market for free. There can be no other way, because I’m standing on the shoulders of giants here.

What does it offer? Well, here’s a list:

  • based entirely on FEUERDOGs FM3-December Update-4 spreadsheet, you’ll get the same results
  • added “Transmission” selection for RWD differential settings (see FEUERDOGs remark in the spreadsheet for details)
  • available in English and German
  • it’s available at the Android Market and free (as in beer)
  • it’s simple and fast (hey, I’m not a designer, I’m a programmer)
  • no gear spreader – yet

To download ForzaDroid, visit the Android Market and search for it (search term forzadroid, but forza might work as well), or just scan the following QR Code with your Android powered mobile phone. It will take you directly to the Android Market:

Android Market QR Code for ForzaDroid

If you have never tuned a car in Forza Motorsport 3 before, you can head over to ForzaTune were you can find more information. They’re offering an iPhone application that does roughly the same thing – even more, it supports Forza Motorsport 2 – as ForzaDroid. It’s also based on FEUERDOGs work. But it has been around much longer.

If you like the Android application ForzaDroid, find a bug or have some suggestions, feel free to contact me. I won’t promise anything, but at least I’ll listen.

Update 2011-10-25
Since many of you are asking, if there will be an update for Forza 4: yes, I’m planning to make one. I’ve some time starting end of December 2011, so it’s most likely that the update will be ready in the first week of January 2012. The calculations will be most likely based on the work of Slave Munky et al. The Android version will be free and will be without ads of any kind. No promisses, but that’s what I plan to do.

There is a web-based version of ForzaDroid for other mobile devices, that can be used on a PC with a JavaScript enabled browser, too: Try out the web-based version of ForzaDroid.

Privacy policy

This is the privacy policy for the Android application ForzaDroid.

Version from March 1st, 2017

Data collection

The application does not collect, store, or use any personal information. It does not request any permissions in the AndroidManifest.xml file.

Sharing of information

I do not use, rent, or sell your personal information – that I don’t have to begin with.

Updating your information

At any time, you have the right to access, modify or request deletion of the information I have about you, by contacting me at tweitzel at synformation dot com, or the address stated below:

Thomas Weitzel
Theodor-Heuss-Str. 21
63225 Langen

Amendments to the privacy policy

Please note this privacy policy may change from time to time. I expect most such changes to be minor, but there may be changes that are more significant. I will post those changes on this page and, if the changes are significant, I will also provide a more prominent notice. Each version will be noted above.

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  • Thanks for the mention! Let me know how the app downloads go and if you have plans to keep updating …

  • slinkybag Link Reply

    Thx, my cars drive much better now.

  • Anonymous Link Reply

    Cool app.

  • Bruce Link Reply

    Thx, my cars drive much better now.

  • MR E MAN1 Link Reply

    For the Forza 3 tuning calculator (Forzadroid): The entry field labeled ‘Distribution’, what is that and where can I find that data? Also, I found that the calculator shows results that are outside the available range. What do I do about that? Aside from the confusion, nice app!

  • Into the field labeled ‘Distribution’, you enter the weight percentage that rests on the front axle, e.g. the car weights 2000 lbs: 1100 lbs weight is on the front axle, the rest (900 lbs) is on the rear axle. The distribution is then 55% (1100/2000). But you don’t have to calculate this value yourself. It’s given to you by the game (in the screen with the car information, toggle the view with the Y-button). Here’s a good video on how to find all the information needed by the tuning calculator:

    Showing results outside the available range shouldn’t happen as long as you enter the correct data for an actual car from the game. Can you please provide the data you entered that produced results outside the available range?

  • MR E MAN1 Link Reply

    Thank you! I should have thought to look there for distribution info. I found that this was the reason the calculator was returning results outside of the range. Since the correction, I have tuned three cars using Forzadroid, each with stellar results. Much much better than the guesswork method I used before! Again, thanks for your help. 5-star app!

  • shisnoelite Link Reply

    This a cool app that is useful as can be. I love it. Would love to c more apps like on the market.

  • Pete Link Reply

    Awesome work, I always use FEUERDOG’s info as a base tune when building new cars, to have it on my android device is brilliant!

  • Sacha Link Reply

    Can no longer get ForzaDroid on the android market – doesn’t seem to be available, and I’ve tried through AppBrain too. Nothing. Any way I can download the apk file to PC?

  • You should be able to see it. Anyway, here is the direct link to AppBrain.

    Even though I didn’t upload the APK there, plus I don’t endorse you downloading it from there, you can download the APK file directly from a place on the internet if there’s absolutely no way to get it via the Android market.

  • Tyler Link Reply

    Do you have tuning for gearing or ride height? Also the torque split for mid awd cars is confusing. Also would it be possible for me to have source code. Curious how it works.

  • william Link Reply

    Hi, can you update the forzadroid calculator to work on the motorola mb502? Thanks.

  • ernesto Link Reply

    I have downloaded it to use on my acer iconia tablet, but it doesn’t work on my tablet. I can fill in the numbers but when all is done I don’t see the calculator button. I tried it on my phone (lg p500) and there it works well. How come it doesn’t work on my tablet?

  • BBTD MitchyK7 Link Reply

    Are you planning an update for Forza 4?

  • I would love to do an update for Forza 4 – even with gear, drift and drag tunes. But I haven’t created the initial tuning calculations myself – they were provided by Feuerdog.

    So I need the calculations from someone else for Forza 4. Maybe I look into the calculator done by Slave Munky et al. once they have brought the current one to Forza 4.

    So the short answer is: yes, I plan to create one – only the Android/Web based software, not the calculations.

  • BBTD MitchyK7 Link Reply

    Feuerdog is planning on updating the calculator for Forza 4 so hopefully i’ll have an android version in a few months time! Thanks for all the hard work! 🙂

  • daMoneyShot Link Reply

    Are you planing on adding the forza 4 calculator to this app via Update. Or do we need to keep a look out for a new App from you? By the way thanks for the work you put into this! Will be a great help tuning my cars and not having to deal with the big laptop in my lap.

  • OwdMike Link Reply

    Good luck with your up and coming work on this project. I’m am a avid user of forzaDroid ( 3 ) which got me in the top 100 on most tracks if not all in X class in forza 3.
    Thanks too your work

  • 00TypeR Link Reply

    Thank you so much for your time and effort on this. It makes the game so much more enjoyable. I cannot wait for the Forza 4 update. Are there any plans to include Ride Height, Gearing or the option for type of tune (Basic Grip, Pro Grip or Drift) like ForzaTune? Also, is there any way to use this on a laptop?

  • BBTD MitchyK7 Link Reply

    Slavemunkey already has a version of his tuning calc out, and Feuerdog is working on his as we speak. So hopefully you’ll have the information you need to make the Forza 4 tuning calc. Will it be an update, so you can use either calc (FM3 or 4) in one app? Or will it be a new separate app?

    • I plan to update the existing application, integrating the (old) calculator for Forza 3 and the new one for Forza 4 into the same application. The last tuning calculator from FEUERDOG as used in ForzaTune wasn’t available to me nor the public, so I couldn’t use it. I don’t know how he’s doing things with the new version, but his comments on suggest, that he’s not making available his updated calculator/spreadsheet for the public.

  • Anonymous Link Reply

    If my torque split on an AWD car is 20 front 80 rear, what do I set my torque to. There’s only one option, front or rear.

  • The suggested settings in ForzaDroid have two columns, the left one is titled “Front” while the other is titeld “Rear”. Forza 4 shows 80% Rear, the remaining 20% Front is implied (20% + 80% = 100%).

    This is what ForzaDroid shows:
    ForzaDroid settings screen

    And here you see how you enter it in Forza 4:
    Setting in Forza 4 tuning screens

    Hope this clarifies it.

  • sumba Link Reply

    how is the progress on forzadroid for forza 4?

  • wil Link Reply

    How’s the progress on forzadroid 4? And can you include “drift spec” suspension tune like ForzaTune?
    Thanks! Keep up the amazing work 🙂

  • BBTD MitchyK7 Link Reply

    Still hoping for a Forza 4 version. You could release two versions, an ad supported one, and an ad free one to make some money off it. I’d pay a couple of pounds for a new version, you could offer to split the spoils with feuerdog in return for his calcs?

  • BBTD MitchyK7 Link Reply

    Also slavemunky has an excel spreadsheet for forza 4. Here: for excel 2007-2010. Maybe you could contact slavemunky about his calcs? I’d really love to see a version for forza 4, and the hard work put in rewarded with a donation version.

  • bryan goedicke Link Reply

    Is there a transmission tune calculator?

  • Shaun Link Reply

    I don’t seem to be able to download the forza 4 droid on my x10 mini, is it limited to certain phones? I want it but i can’t get it and it’s annoying me now, I’ve spent weeks trying to download it, but I have not found it! Even using the QR link, which comes up as unknown!

  • Lebohang LebTure's Amos Maputsoe Link Reply

    I really love this game & I got problems downloading it. How can I have it on my phone?

  • @Lebohang Just look at comment 11. and download/install it from that place. Make sure you allow applications from other sources than Googles Playstore in your settings.

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