Why I upgraded to GWT 1.4.61

The previous version GWT 1.4.60 came out on August 27th, 2007. A couple of days later I had upgraded all my applications, the expression calculator demo too. None of the applications suffered from a strange bug except the demo. It appeared only when Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was used. A message box was displayed that told the user: “operation aborted”. The page wasn’t shown at all, the user only saw a blank page. I had to remove the demo, at least from the home page. Since only the demo was affected, I didn’t go back to GWT 1.4.59.

Three days after GWT 1.4.60 came out, the issue was reported, approximately at the same time I was experiencing it. I was hoping for a quick fix, but it didn’t come.

Several month later, Google’s Scott Blum wrote in the GWT forum about an updated GWT 1.4 release. Although I read the forum quite regularly, I nearly missed his posting. He talks about the new release fixing the problem, and he also provides a download link for GWT 1.4.61. I’ve downloaded it and upgraded all my application without a problem so far.

Google Web Toolkit 1.4.61 is available for download

Since it fixes a very serious problem, you should upgrade also. Problem is, you will not see the new version on the GWT download page. At least not yet, but I bet you will see it there shortly. In the meantime, just use this link.

Update: It took a little bit longer than I expected, but the GWT Team has just officially released GWT 1.4.61, which takes care of some minor bugs in the previous release of GWT 1.4.60. The two main issues that were addressed are the “operation aborted” startup error on IE and a potential XSS vulnerability in hosted mode.

There are no differences between the 1.4.61 version released on December 12th, 2007 and the 1.4.61 version released on November 3rd, 2007.

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