Monthly Archives: February 2007

A small GWT application

I had some time today, so I built a little AJAX application for this blog. It’s an expression calculator. The world really doesn’t need another one, but it was the easiest thing that includes ANTLR for building a lexer/parser/AST and the Google Web Toolkit for building the client. Why? Because it’s fun …

Geometry for kids

One of our girls visits the 7th grade (13 years, secondary school) right now. In geometry, they are talking about the congruence rules for triangles and triangles in general. Yesterday’s homework included a geometrical problem: construct the space diagonal of a cube geometrically and specify its length (side length of the cube is 5.3cm). While […]

Creating a WordPress Plugin

It wasn’t planned that way, but it turned out that I had to write a WordPress plugin myself to solve a problem. I want to have a Google Web Toolkit application run inside my blog. No big deal, but I couldn’t accomplish one tiny detail. GWT applications need a meta tag with the name gwt:module […]

Programming editors

Everybody who is programming is using one or more of them. My favorite programming editor is Epsilon from Lugaru Software Ltd., and that since 1996. It’s around since 1984. Although my first version was for DOS, Windows, and OS/2, I used it primarily under DOS for writing C programs. I started in 1978 with a […]