iPod in the car

For our family car, a 2006 Mercedes-Benz C-class station wagon, I wanted to be able to connect a MP3 player to the car audio system. We have an iPod and the girls have some other MP3 players as well. Although the CD player in the car can play MP3 CDs, it doesn’t always work. It seems to depend on the manufacturer of the blanks as well as the software the MP3 CD has been recorded with.

2006 Mercedes-Benz C-class station wagon

I have considered the iPod Integration Kit for USD 299 plus cost of installation. But with it you can operate the iPod only from the steering wheel. And I don’t want to be the DJ while driving. The front-seat passenger should do that if needed. Because of that, I bought a simple cable harness from Mercedes-Benz to setup the AUX input of the Audio 20 for connecting directly to the iPod. The Mercedes-Benz cable harness part no. is 203 540 61 07 if you order it in the US, or 210 440 50 05 for Europe. It should cost approx. USD 30. Installation is easy and should take around 30 minutes if you do it yourself. If you’re using an European iPod, you should uncap the iPod volume. Otherwise, it will not be loud enough.

iPod connected to the AUX input

Everybody is happy now as we’re able to connect any MP3 player to our cars audio system. And because the connector is hidden inside the glove compartment, no cables are hanging around. Thanks to playlists, there’s no need to access the MP3 player very often.

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  • The crazy thing is for three hundred bucks you could upgrade your entire audio system with integration as a key feature.

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