Monthly Archives: November 2006

Microsoft is terrified

Linux continues to penetrate their markets. Other Open Source projects do it on the Windows platform as well. It’s not the current situation but the trend that worries them. And they don’t seem to have a working strategy against it. Immediately after the recent Novell/Microsoft deal, that included a patent covenant, Steve Ballmer said something […]

JavaWorld: Dynamic Webpages with JSON

There’s an interesting article on how to overcome the same origin policy used by modern web browsers. It’s a security policy that prevents JavaScript from accessing a location different from the one it was loaded from. Same location normally means same protocol, subdomain, and domain. The same origin policy is sometimes called same site policy. […]

New GWT Release 1.2.22

The Google Web Toolkit has a new stable release. You can read all about it here. It will be used for the new synformation web site, too. I’ve started to use GWT since version 1.0 came out (August 25, 2006). It was easy to use and since I’m not very good at JavaScript programming, leave […]


I’ve decided, that the new web site will support at least two languages: English and German. That’s because I have a little knowledge of both of theses languages. Developing for these two languages is nearly the same as developing for n languages (it’s not, but we assume this for now). So how do I support […]

Sun opens Java

Today, Sun Microsystems, Inc. has released key Java implementations under the GNU General Public License (GPL). It wouldn’t be true to say I was always confident, that this was going to happen eventually. But now it did happen indeed. It’s the right move by Sun. Beside many other points, it makes sure that the .NET […]